Fortune magazine recently released the Top 50 World’s Greatest Leaders for 2017. This has a number of leaders who may not be well known across the globe. We thought that we will give you a glimpse of the Top 25 and their contribution. 26th happened to be Ms Arundhati Roy, Chairman of State Bank of India, the only leader to figure in this prestigious list. So we made the list as Top 26.

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Fortune released its 20th annual list of the 100 Best Companies to Work For. While a number of different measurements go into this ranking, the most important come from an anonymous employee survey that measures the credibility of the company’s leaders, as well as the respect and fairness with which employees are treated.

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Recently Fortune Magazine carried a list of Fortune 500 US Corporations.
A number of interesting facts came out of this:
  • Google and Facebook are Profitable Companies
  • Amazon is a profitable Company
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When I used to be in school, I was never too fond of the month of March – I had to study for the annual exams and to add to the agony, my parents never allowed me to play, that time of the year! Now , even as grown ups and a professional, the month of March scares most of us! Read more
The Real Estate Regulator Bill has been passed by the Rajya Sabha, intended to regulate the real estate sector and to bring in clarity for both buyers and developers. Read more
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