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♦ There are 35 Traditional Martial strategies in China which are adopted by Businessmen in their negotiations.

♦ While some of them appear to be wrong and not the right way of doing business, some of them can be effectively used in India.

Strategies that can be used:

Chinese Martial Arts strategies

1) Attack on opponent’s weakest point, then divide and rule.

2) Kill with a borrowed knife, i.e make use of someone else’s resources to do your job.

3) Relax and wait for the opponent to tire himself out; exercise patience and wear down the opponent.

4) Loot a burning house i.e Exploit and capitalize on an opportunity at the expense of your adversary’s chaotic situation.

5) Make a feint to the east while attacking in the west i.e confuse your opponent’s representatives and mislead your opponent.

6) Create something out of nothing i.e turn something that is not substantial into reality.

7) Pretend to advance down one path while taking another hidden path i.e don’t open up your cards but reveal them at the last moment in a surprising manner.

8) Watch the fire burning from across the river i.e make your enemy to fight another enemy, while you rest and later defeat the exhausted enemy.

9) Sacrifice the plum for the peach i.e if need be sacrifice the less important in order to preserve the vital; substitute one thing for another.

10) Take away a goat in passing i.e capitalize on your adversary’s negligence or incompetence when the choice is right.

11) Beat the grass to startle the snake i.e Do not tip off your enemy.

12) Raise a corpse from the dead i.e use something dead to achieve your own ends.

13) Let the opponent off in order to snare him i.e Do not arouse your opponent’s spirit to fight back; Don’t use harsh words and box your opponent.

14) Cast a brick to attract a jade i.e use a bait (look alike) to catch something big.

15) To catch bandits, nab their ring leader first i.e shoot at the horse first in order to shoot the rider – have pact at the top. Reach the decision maker.

16) Remove the fire from under the cauldron i.e wear down your opponent and bring him in fully before striking; Make him not to retreat and get what you want.

17) Catch fish from troubled waters i.e create a chaotic and panicky situation so that the opponent can neither think nor see clearly enough to respond to the situation.

18) The Cicada sheds its shell i.e when escaping, do so secretly without making it public i.e create an exit route without raising much suspicion so that you can withdraw secretly, leaving an empty nest.

19) Fasten the door to catch a thief i.e leave no loopholes for your opponent to escape; even if you allow a weak opponent to escape, he may make a comeback later on.

Chinese Martial Arts strategies20) Befriend a distant state while attacking a neighbouring state i.e don’t take too many opponents at a time. Immediate danger has to be taken care of first. If there is no short term, there is no longer term to consider.

20) Befriend a distant state while attacking a neighbouring state i.e don’t take too many opponents at a time. Immediate danger has to be taken care of first. If there is no short term, there is no longer term to consider.

21) Borrow a safe passage to conquer the kingdom i.e help the weak when they are not threatening so as to win their support.

22) Point at the Mulberry but curse the Locust i.e borrow or use one thing to achieve another.

23) Play dumb i.e. let your opponents always underestimate your capabilities.

24) Decorate the tree with fake blossoms i.e exaggerate in order to mislead your opponent letting him believe that you are very strong.

25) Turn yourself into a host from being a guest i.e exchange your place or position and reverse the situation.

26) Use your opponent’s representative to sow discord in your opponent’s camp, i.e use your skills to spread information through counter-espionage.

27) Inflict pain on yourself in order to infiltrate your opponent’s camp & win the confidence of the opponent i.e absorb loss in order to win trust. Inflict injury on yourself to win confidence.

28) Lead your opponent to chain together their warships i.e turn your opponent’s strength into weakness. Lead him until he falls through pride.

29) Retreat is the best option – opt out. Don’t participate in or play the game that your opponent wants you to play.

Strategies we should not follow:

1) Cross the sea by deceiving the sky i.e hide secrets in the most obvious place so as to avoid detection.

2) Conceal a dagger in a smile i.e make your opponent relax and unaware of your intentions; hide hostility under friendliness.

3) Lure the tiger out of mountain i.e have your opponent deploy their strongest element away from the defence base.

4) Steal the beams and pillars and replace them with rotten timber i.e sabotage, incapacitate or destroy your opponent by removing his key support.

5) Remove the ladder after your ascent i.e lure your opponent into a trap and then cut him off.

6) Use a beauty to ensnare a man i.e intoxicate or indulge your opponent in a time-or-energy-absorbing activity, thereby diminishing his spirit to fight.

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