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Dear Friends

2014 is fading out and 2015 is beginning with a lot of hope and beliefs. We can always learn from our past, excecute and enjoy in the present and plan for the future. Our Journey – whether personal or professional is always with “UP”s and “DOWN”s; the journey is never smooth and comfortable; there are successes, celebrations and sometimes there are falls, turbulences and we have to keep moving with confidence. There are always “POSITIVE” actions and there are sometimes ‘NEGATIVE’ actions.

POSITIVE thoughts coupled with POSITIVE actions always outweigh NEGATIVE thoughts and NEGATIVE actions. It is important that we always look at the balance and keep the positive vibrations ticking around to keep us going! I was talking to one of my friends who mentioned that both the words Positive and Negative end up with “ive” but the similarity ends there. A Positive Person is always successful whereas a Negative person is always a failure. He also mentioned that there are close to 1000 words ending with “ive” in the English Dictionary and there are more positive words than the negative words in those 1000 words. I thought of using some of these words in this New Year Message to you.

Let us look at thePOSITIVE “IVE

Let us be Active, Adaptive, Affirmative, Aggressive, Appreciative, Assertive, Cohesive, Collaborative, Collective, Competitive, Comprehensive, Conducive, Constructive, Creative, Decisive, Definitive, Effective, Forgive, Give, Innovative, Proactive and Sensitive

Let us not do the NEGATIVE “IVE”

Let us not be Abusive, Addictive, Collusive, Combative, Deceive, Deceptive, Defective, Defensive, Deprive, Derogative, Destructive, Dismissive, Explosive, Offensive, Reactive and Vindictive.

As you can see- now the POSITIVE outweighs the NEGATIVE.

As the New Year Arrives, Let us Archive our past, take Corrective actions, get Consecutive Qualititative and Quantitative results that look Cumulative(ly) Attractive.

Let us LIVE with a FESTIVE mood always.

I sincerely wish you and your family a Happy, Prosperous, Healthy and Wealthy New Year 2015

With Positive Vibrations


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