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Today is another important day; With Christmas being celebrated worldwide, the website of Bizwhiz Advisors, was hosted LIVE.

Mr S V Ramani alongwith Mrs Saroj Ramani, my parents and Capt M Panchapakesan, my father in law, inaugurated the website by a click of button and made the website live at 12.45pm on 25th December, 2014.

Mr Ayush Aggarwal of Aycreate, my friend and a fine professional, worked on the website and made it happen. He has used latest techniques and created the innovative design for Biwhiz. While one can set up a website very easily in today’s world, it is extremely difficult to get the quality and a better look and feel. Ayush made this happen and the initial feedback so far is very good.

The information provided in the website captures all our thoughts and practices and present a clear idea to our Customers. While everyone can boast that they can do anything under the sun, it is important that your roots are strong, your customer intimacy and centricity is unmatched, your availability is assured 24/7, your value addition is seen at every stage – we believe that these principles will get you long term relationships.

Some of the snaps we took during this parallel launch are also shown in this post so that one can get a feel of the launch. It was also very nice that some of my colleagues and well wishers like Lalit Kumar, Suresh Krishnan and Aruna Mathivanan were present when we launched it today. This was totally an unplanned program and with the availability of everyone, Ayush made outstanding efforts to get the site up in a short time.

Request everyone who visits the website send us their feedback and suggestions so that we keep improving !

Change is the only constant in Life and I am happy to embrace Change !



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