Under Corporate Finance, Bizwhiz provides

  1. Structuring Advisory
  2. VC / PE Advisory
  3. Mergers & Acquisitions Advisory
  4. Debt Sourcing
  5. Forex Advisory

Bizwhiz has excellent connections and relationships with several investors like PE’s, VC’s and several banks and financial institutions. Once engaged, it understands the needs of the Company and carefully devises a structure balancing the debt and equity. Based on the requirement of the Customer it can tailor make and customize the funding needs and approach the right constituents and get the best terms and rates for its equity / debt program.

Bizwhiz has a unique way of approaching the right targets for M & A and directly deal with the decision makers and present the credentials of its Customers. It believes in relationship building through its transparent and persuasive communication and convince the potential bidders to understand the strengths of its Customer.

Bizwhiz has excellent partners with whom it can work in any transaction so that its Customers get the best always. It has partners in the areas of M & A, VC/PE sourcing and Forex Advisors. Its Partners are well known in the Indian and International market and commands respect and repute in their specialized areas.