Under Cost Optimization, Bizwhiz provides

  1. Benchmarking and Base-lining
  2. Bottom Line Improvement Cash
  3. Cash Flow and Funding Patterns

The Idea behind this service offering is the belief that there is always a scope for improvement on a continuous basis. Bizwhiz brings in significant relationships with several vendors, players in the market and due to the experience gained over the years, it analyses the data,  base line and benchmarks the spend pattern of its Customer and identifies areas of potential Savings. Several Companies have significant borrowings with a combination of instruments and pay high interest . Bizwhiz understands each of the instruments and identifies the scope for savings with the right mix through its strong relationship and knowledge.

Bizwhiz specialises in the entire spectrum of Selling, General and Administration Expenses (SGA). After the Employee Costs, SGA is the next largest expenditure head for any Company. It contains several heads and may have multiple transactions especially in a Company which has multiple locations across the globe. Several small pieces make the large pie of SGA, making it difficult to focus on the areas that require attention. While focusing on the other big ticket items and focusing on the core business, every company finds it difficult to deep dive into SGA area considering the spread and the volume of transactions.

Bizwhiz through its approach of deep dive analysis of such transactions comes out with optimizing strategies and monitors / measures each of the components and execute such strategies with its negotiation and relationship skills resulting in savings for its customers. Our methodology and approach is to breakdown each of the components to the granular level possible and do various analysis using tools and techniques and come out with customized reports which will help in identifying gaps and scope for savings. Once a plan for savings is finalised, we help our customers to execute and realise the savings in a planned manner.

The areas of focus will be:

  1. Telecommunication
  2. Travel
  3. Lease Rentals
  4. Insurance
  5. Power Costs
  6. Legal and Professional Charges

In each of the areas, Bizwhiz uses its expertise and comes with a plan of Savings without compromising the service quality and without any interruption of the business.