Under Investment Advisory, Bizwhiz provides

  1. Investment Strategies and Policy framework
  2. Financial Planning and Deployment
  3. Fund / Investment Management

In today’s context, the opportunities of investing hard earned money are many and hence the possibility of making lower returns or losing the principal is very high. Some of the Investment advisors may have vested interest in recommending select schemes without looking at the other available alternatives.

Bizwhiz comes with an approach of “investing its own money” and helps the Customer in investing in the right instruments according to its financial profile. Bizwhiz spends enormous time through interviews, understand the needs of the Customer and arrives at a proper financial model to suit its short, medium and long term requirement.

It arrives at a Policy framework for the investments and make diversified plans and helps the Customer to deploy the funds in identified opportunities. It continuously monitors and hand holds the Customer and takes mid course corrective actions and guides the Customer in reaping better returns from its investments. It also provides continuous updates in the market climate, environment and keep the Customer updated with the latest developments.