Under Negotiation and Contract Management, Bizwhiz provides

  1. Joint Ventures
  2. Shareholders Agreement
  3. Risk Management
  4. Litigation Advisory

Once a Cost Optimisation program is identified for a Customer, Bizwhiz does not restrict itself to just giving a recommendatory report but helps the Customer to realize the savings by involving itself in the negotiation process. The Negotiation process is carefully structured with planned strategies involving the right selection of vendors and creating a win-win approach not just showing one-upmanship or showing power. The results are always ever lasting and rewarding for the Customer.

Bizwhiz helps Promoters and Companies to forge an alliance with various partners and advise on the commercial negotiations for a Joint Venture / Shareholders arrangement. It analyses the Risks of the Company / Promoters and show the right path to its Customers.

Under the Litigation Advisory, though Bizwhiz is not a law firm, it can bridge the gap between the lawyers and the Customer and help the Customer to analyse and get into the detail. It helps the Customer to provide the right information to its lawyers and helps in deep diving with an eye for detail in every document when thousands of documents are to be analysed. It brings in the commercial sense to every argument that the lawyer would make and help the lawyer to understand in a lay man’s language.