Under Strategic Services, Bizwhiz provides

  • Growth Strategies
  • Turnaround Strategies
  • War room Strategies

In the Growth Strategy, it is always a challenge for every Promoter to plan for his growth; While he wants to grow, there is always a constant pressure on the cash flows; Also the Promoter may think twice when it comes to borrowings; In view of the worries on borrowings and collateral, the Promoter does not plan for the growth.

Bizwhiz helps the Promoter to balance the growth versus cash flow constraints and handhold the Promoter in the path of growth with clear back up strategies.

In some businesses, the fundamentals of the business is very strong but because of  poor financial planning, the Company suffers and gets into a situation of collapse. Bizwhiz identifies the positives and negatives of the Company and quickly assesses the potential for the turnaround and prepare a detailed plan for the revival and turnaround. It sails along with the Company and helps the Company and the team to turnaround the operations. It instills confidence in the team that they can make the business profitable.

In today’s world, many of the Promoters get into funding by outsiders and sign complicated and one sided agreements. In no time, there are differences as the Investor thinks that the business has to be done in a different manner and the Promoter refuses to believe the new strategy. These differences halt the Company’s progress and the Promoter and the Investor feel that they are cheated by each other. Bizwhiz understand such scenarios and advise the Customer on the positives / negatives of the agreements, possibility of a potential litigation, risks out of litigation, mitigation measures and hand hold the customer in every war room strategy. Through its association with seasoned lawyers and advisors, Bizwhiz can act as a bouncing board and a conscious keeper for the Customer to evaluate various options including resorting to litigation.