Under Virtual Services, Bizwhiz provides

  1. Virtual CEO services
  2. Virtual CFO services
  3. Virtual Advisor services

Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) cannot afford to have high profile and well experienced CEO or CFO. The Promoter is generally a sound technocrat with excellent insights into his business. In many of the cases, the Promoter is not able to focus on the financial management of the Company as his focus is on business development and delivery.

It is generally said that the Promoter is alone at the top with no one to be at par with him to do white boarding and brainstorming. The Promoter, in many cases,  does not like to look at the numbers and hence the culture of the organization follows this trend.

Bizwhiz provides a mirror image of the CEO / CFO and acts as an Advisor constantly advising the Promoter on the financial management. It works with the team and brings in number orientation in a simple and effective manner.

Bizwhiz helps the Promoter to focus on Budgets, Targets, Revenues, Expenditure, Profitability and helps the Company to finalise a “business plan” for the year and continuously monitor by conducting reviews and make mid-course corrections. It relieves the pressure for the Promoter to focus on business and constantly enlighten the path showing the risks and rewards. It helps the Promoter to think and act in the growth plans and handholds the Promoter at every stage.